I am an animal enthusiast, and in particular, a Horse nut !

    I feel truly blessed that I was able to make a living with these fabulous creatures and spent many years travelling across
    the U.S.A. and Canada with them.

    I often found that is was very hard to find unique, affordable horse related items such as gifts and clothing and as a result
    I started to make things for myself and my friends.

    These projects were met with enthusiasm by other horse people and so my hobby evolved into a small  business.

    While I still make the majority of the items, I have also found some fantastic suppliers that carry quality products at
    affordable prices.

    I support local businesses as much as possible, whether they are suppliers of material, or finished products.

    I am very environmentally friendly and try to reduce the amount of packaging as much as possible, by re-using shipping
    materials  whenever possible, and donating my fabric and trim scraps to schools, day cares and volunteers that can utilize
    them and turn them into useful items for animal shelters or other "works of art".

                                         If you have a special request, PLEASE contact me
                                                                      ~ CUSTOM ~
                                                                   is what I do best !