1/2 double fold Binding from Domcord Belding

50 meter bolts, some are full,
some are 3/4 full.

Marked and bought for .80/meter

Selling for .50/meter.

Will cut the smaller bolts.

No cuts on full bolts.

Colors available: black, white
Fabrics & Findings

1 box of thread (Includes the storage box).Guttermann &
Mettler Sulky
Total of 44 small spools most are full or almost full and 2
medium spools.

$40.00 for all of it

Ribbon Hanks prepackaged by Fabricland and marked from $2.69 to over $4.00 per hank. Each hank has 9 meters1/4" to 1" wide.

Chocolate brown, baby blue, royal blue, yellow, pink.

Asking $1.00 per hank.

Piping, for upholstery and cushions - lots of colors and widths
Some are only a few yard long, others are about 10 yards.

.50/yard to $2.00 per yard

Horse fabric - from England an New York HIGH END old school prints.
GORGEOUS for skirts, blouses dressy jackets.
It kills me to get rid of it but it deserves to be seen, and not sit in boxes for more
Not cuts please,
(These were originally over $20/yard....)


Grossgrain ribbon - 1" wide, Orange, Red


Lots of polypropylene webbing.
Available in:
Forest green
Kelly Greem
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Perfect for belts, dog leashes, trimming
horse or dog blankets, purse handles....

2" 1.00/ yard

It is time to do some MAJOR clearing out/purging/downsizing of my fabric inventory.
Nothing is more than $5/yard. The majority of fabric is $1-3/yard.
So far here is the list that is ready to go.
More will be added later as boxes get unpacked and sorted.

Cotton Christmas prints.

1 yard each, some are 2 yards at
45" wide

$ 1.50 per yard

Cotton Print, project left overs.
Perfect for quilters.
From 1/4 to 1/2 yard, about  8" -
20" wide

$2.00 for all of it

Piping for smaller pillows or ????

Most are about 3 yards up to 10 yards.


Cords, Ribbons, Upholstry finishing
trim, Blanket/Quilt edging(Pink)...